emotional laughing in a closed area – a follow up

I started to read Hyperbole and a Half, which made me laugh for 2 hours, uncontrollably,  which was something I had predicted was coming if you will recall.

And as I had predicted it did scare my coworker, who asked me if I was taking my muscle relaxants again (yes – but this has nothing to do with that – and my neck hurts – f off!) and someone using the microwave (!) who I have shot fire at before was hanging out in the hallway, doing what microwave people do which is stare into the only office door in front of them, which is mine, and act the way people do at a zoo when they are looking into a cage and the animal inside is not paying attention to them – they stare and stare and shoot their staring at you which I usually block with my headphones. Anyway unfortunately this time when they looked into the cage the animal was laughing, and not wearing headphones, and saw their opportunity.

Here’s a rule: Never take off your headphones if you sit near the office microwave.


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